3 Reasons to Come to Gateway For Your Plant & Garden Needs

3 Reasons to Come to Gateway For Your Plant & Garden Needs

Come visit our garden center in Loveland, Colorado today

At Gateway Garden & Home Center, you’ll find everything you want and so much more if you’re on the hunt for the best plants and products in the Loveland area. Here are three reasons you should stop by our center today for the best plants, fertilizer and more.

Our plants are grown in a local greenhouse

All of our plants are locally grown and fully organic. At our location, you'll find beautiful plants (both annuals and perennials) as well as delicious fruits and vegetables. Everything is grown right here in Loveland, so you can rest easy knowing your fruits, vegetables and decorative plants are fresh and native to the area.

You’ll find exactly what you need to take care of your garden

Come to to Gateway and find the best insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and other organic materials to help your plants grow and prosper. The staff at Gateway Garden & Home Center will even help identify insects, nutrition issues and other problems with your plants to determine the best products to help them recover.

Gateway makes our own Loveland fertilizer

If you want the best for your plants, grab a couple bags of our specially-mixed fertilizer. That’s right – Gateway Garden & Home Center has created and patented our own fertilizer to meet the specific needs of Loveland area gardeners. It’s an all-in-one fertilizer for trees, lawn and shrubbery, formulated for Northern Colorado soils.

Gateway Garden & Home Center is the best location for all of your garden needs. Come on down to our center today for a great selection of plants and quality assistance from our staff members.